Welcome to My Hashimotos Thyroiditis Website

Let me first introduce myself. My name is Maureen. I have been diagnosed with this disease for about 13 years. Of course, it is unknown how long I may have suffered in the undiagnosed state. That will never be known.

This site is intended to share my experiences with you, and over time, I hope to offer these to you as a way to help you move forward in healing quicker than I had a chance to.  I plan on adding pages as time permits.

I have a main website at Myhashimotosthyroiditis.com where I have set up helps for the newly diagnosed as well as a forum for those who need support choosing natural treatments that may greatly improve what traditional treatments are being used.

If you would like to join my forum, please register at my main website as linked above. We would love to have you. We currently moved from a public forum that was receiving too much spam and pop-up advertising. Registering at the new forum will protect you and your e-mail address from such activity.

As a fellow sufferer, I encourage you to find as many natural helps as possible. There are all types of natural courses that bring significant relief, including diet, stress management, herbal remedies, lifestyle changes, etc. This journey can be challenging but being able to walk through it with other sufferers makes it so much easier.

May you find the natural road one of inspiration and much success.